Yaks roam wild at over 4,000 metres in the high Himalayas and the grasslands of higher Mongolia. Insulated against the winter freeze by their supremely warm undercoat, which is topped with a long-haired overcoat. Cosi yak is from Tibet and Mongolia both from sustainable sources. In May, when the snow has melted and mountain sunshine warms the harsh land, the yaks shed their winter coat, which is combed out and trimmed to produce a bundle of raw wool fibre. That fibre is then washed and sorted for quality and finally spun into yarn and then sent to our workshop in the Kathmandu valley. We then hand dye the yarn, set up our pedal looms by hand, weave by hand, hand wash and hand finish. This produces products with soul and integrity.

There are many unique properties in yak wool. Those properties that allow yaks to survive at minus 20°C make the wraps and throws as warm as an electric blanket and as water-resistant as a Gore-Tex jacket. Yak wool also has less static properties than other common animal fibres making it less likely to cling. It absorbs moisture and is very breathable, leaving the wearer fresh and dry. Yak also resists odours, which means you do not need to wash it as often as you would other animal fibres. It is also stronger and therefore will last longer.

Cosi yak is used in our natural undyed throws alongside a range of overdyed blankets. The natural colours are brown, grey, black and white and when we overdye we use the natural brown and grey as the base. The colours are beautiful, always deep with the undertone of the natural colour shining through.

“Cosi yak is from Tibet and Mongolia both from sustainable sources.”

cosi yak