An auspicious meeting in 2008 in the gardens of a pretigious Parisian weaving atelier in Nepal led us into a relationship with a newly set up family workshop situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. We did our first samples together in 2010.The emphasis was and continues to be luxury sustainability with ethical production. The rich history of hand weaving in Nepal provides superlative expertise. The atelier employs 5 artisan weavers. We chose to use traditional pedal looms operated by hands and feet. We chose to operate sustainably. The water is recycled, we use eco friendly dyes and natural soap. We work slowly. It takes 2 days to set up a loom and we average 3 pieces per day per weaver, compared to over 100 from a power loom. From mixing the colours, dying the yarn, spinning, weaving and finishing,each piece is handled by 10 different artisans . This produces products with soul and integrity.