The atelier works only in hand weaving on traditional wooden pedal looms. This method was chosen for the authenticity and quality achieved in the final pieces, compared to what most workshops use which is semi powered and powered looms, where the quality is much lower. The atelier employs 32 people, 11 of which are women and 5 are weavers. 15 of all the workers are skilled artisans. Master Weaver, Ritu began weaving aged 12 learning from his father. He comes from a family of weavers stretching back 5 generations. He knows almost all the designs by heart and is passionate about hand weaving singing all the while working. We have one lady weaver, who used to work for a prestigious French brand in Kathmandu, she has also been weaving since she was a teenager. All the weavers have benefited enormously from working in the atelier as it is highly probable that it is the only one paying holidays, overtime and medical cover. A full cooked lunch is provided everyday for all workers. Training is given in dyeing, drafting, warping and weaving for all younger members. This is over several months and fully paid. The working environment is a healthy one with good daylight, no toxic chemicals and fully recycled water.