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In a remote mountain area of Nanchen in East Tibet, there exists an extraordinary lineage of female Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. 3000 Tsokyni Nanchen nuns. Remarkable women who live and practice an ancient yogic tradition in nunneries and hermitages scattered across this remote, mountainous region.

Gebchak Gonpa is the main nunnery of this area and was founded in 1892 by Tsang Yang Gyamtso whose wish was to establish a community for women where they could gain complete confidence in attaining enlightenment. At that time Gebchak was the only nunnery of its kind. Women travelled from all over Tibet to be admitted. The nunnery grew to almost 800 nuns.

The largest nunnery in Tibet and the centre of a renowned meditation tradition unique to women is today under the guidance of Wandrak Rinpoche. Gebchak houses more than 350 yogini nuns and still remains true to it’s non sectarian character.